The Summer 2024 Virtual

Courage Camp for girls

August 12-15

5pm est to 6:30/7:30pm est each day

Who’s it for?

Girls ages 9-17

What they will experience

We can’t wait to open your daughters eyes to the world of entrepreneurship, podcasting, authorship and development in communication skills, leadership, self- confidence and creativity.

The Courageous Brand, Give Her Courage has one purpose.

To EMPOWER the next generation of female leaders

to believe in themselves and reach their highest potential.

Courage camp is about introducing new possibilities and showing the girls how to connect, collaborate and network with other future female leaders.

We will have guest speakers both specialists in youth development as well as leading entrepreneurs AND young leaders who will set the bar high and invite your daughter to stretch her limits.

Cost: $190.00

We have extremely limited capacity and are running only 1 camp this summer.

Claim your spot here NOW: